Encapsulated crawlspace with drainage system and sump pump.

Does air just happen to move from the crawlspace in to the house? Actually all buildings operate off of the same principle called the “Stack Effect”. That means that normal air flow moves from the bottom and sides to the top. 40 -50% of the air in the house at any given time is from the crawlspace. Obviously, this allows mold and other contaminants to move right into the house.

Some of the Negative Effects of a dirt crawlspace:

  • Musty Odors
  • Toxic Mold
  • Bugs, dust mites, and rodents
  • Odors in upholstery and carpets
  • Swollen doors and windows
  • Cupping wood floors
  • 15% increase in power bills (approximate)
  • Health risks from allergies to cancer

Crawlspace Encapsulation is the only real solution to the dirt crawlspace and could be the most important decision you ever made with home ownership. Our first priority at PureAir Systems is insulation removal and wood treatment of the sub-floor and joists and any other wood structures. The wood is at first properly cleaned and then we apply our permanent adhesive mold block. This protects the wood against mold and wood decay with a 25 year warranty.

PureAir Systems Seam Tape for Crawlspace encapsulationCRAWLSPACE ENCAPSULATION

Permanently encapsulating a crawlspace is not an easy process. PureAir Systems uses our exclusive method that starts with PureAir #2 Liquid Adhesive applied to all walls, piers, pipes, etc.  This provides the base, which is impervious to vapor drive and non-degradable. Now our crawlspace liner is attached with our matched surface adhesive for a permanent seal.

All seams connecting the floor liner are sealed with our PureAir #9 seam tape. Other seam tapes can be very difficult to completely cover the seam and are not the right width and thickness.

Sealing your crawlspace properly will keep mold and moisture out of your house. We have the experience and materials to do the job right.

  • “Modern adhesive technology is used in many applications today to ensure permanent bonding of 2 materials to each other. These Hi Tech products are developed in a laboratory and many are observed on a nano scale of attaching itself on even a microscopic level. Modern adhesive technology is used in many applications today to ensure permanent bonding of 2 materials to each other. These Hi Tech products are developed in a laboratory and many are observed on a nano scale of attaching itself on even a microscopic level. I have had several opportunities to observe the work performed by Pure Air Systems for crawl space encapsulation. Being in the business of home improvements, specifically Turtle Coat Ceramic Coatings, I also offer a the benefit of long term solutions for homeowners that are available today .The jobs I have seen that have been done by Pure Air Systems are done to last for the life of the home, sealing the crawl space from ground moisture and eliminating mold and mildew issues. After preparing the area in the crawl space that is to be encapsulated, Pure Air Systems uses a heavy matting material that is laid out over the ground surface and onto the back of the foundation , creating a moisture proof barrier. The edges are then sealed with a strong, permanent adhesive, as well as taping, to further insure the permanence and encapsulation. This bonding of the edge of the matting material is critical to the effectiveness of the crawl space treatment.I feel confident in the products as well as the services offered by Pure Air Systems to be the quality that ensures long term remedies for issues concerning crawl space mold and moisture issues.
    Jeff Roper
    Southeast Coatings, Inc
    Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings”

Mold MapThe areas in RED indicate the regions that will experience extreme benefits from a Sealed Crawl Space over a traditional vented crawl space. Sealed Crawl Spaces are highly recommended for areas covered by the BLUE portions. Areas on this map shaded in GREEN will also benefit from a Sealed Crawl Space.

Foundation Ventilation
The only reason crawlspaces have foundation ventilation is because of the dirt under the house. Think about it, if you had a fully finished basement with sofas and a big screen TV, there would be no foundation vents, because the builder knows that the vents would allow mold and moisture inside and contaminate the entire basement. There is no dirt floor because the concrete slab separates the dirt from the basement and it works just fine and protects the home. Foundation ventilation is a dead give-a-way that there is dirt in the crawlspace. Dirt means vents, no dirt means no vents. The dirt is the problem.

In the summer, outside hot humid air comes into the crawlspace thru the vents. When it is raining the situation is even worse. Most crawlspaces have air conditioning ducts allowing the hot humid air and the evaporation from the dirt of the crawlspace to hit dew point near the cool air ducts and condensation results. This condition now allows mold from the dirt below an ideal environment to begin growing on the sub-floor and wood supports of the house. Eventually wood rot can ruin the sub-flooring and joists.

There are three types of mold groups; primary, secondary, and tertiary. As mold gets established, the more toxic ones often begin to set in. The wood floor allows air and toxic mold to move right into the house, but even worse all air conditioning ducts leak and blow soil gases and mold evenly throughout the house.

Why would anyone ever build a house over dirt in the first place? It is cheaper than a concrete floor. The damage to the house and people living in the house is never worth a cheap dirt crawlspace. In fact, every dirt crawlspace needs to be completely sealed or encapsulated to prevent all of these problems permanently.