Total Encapsulation, Moisture Control, Mold Removal,
and Dry Ice Blasting

unvented sealed crawlspaceCRAWLSPACE

The un-vented sealed crawlspace is the new residential code in Georgia and most states.


Professional Filtered Ducted Dehumidifier


Dry Ice Blasting is a no mess, non-chemical, all natural mold removal method.



Soil is always wet, even when it appears to be dry. Water from ground sources continuously moves through the particles of the soil. Crawlspaces are the most common places I find overlooked by others when investigating. You should never have bare soil below a structure where you intend to live or work!”

Greg Weatherman, Aerobiological, Inc.

Getting your crawlspace permanently treated and sealed could be the most important decision you ever make concerning your home and the future health of your family

The plain and simple of our ENCAPSULATION process:

  • Eliminate Moisture
  • Eliminate Mold
  • Treat Dirt
  • Cover and Seal Space

First priority is the removal of all fiberglass insulation which is a breeding ground for mold and moisture.

I’ve taken hundreds of samples of crawlspace fiberglass insulation and 100% of the insulation is severely infested with mold. You can’t see it. It has to be tested; even if it’s new, it can be very infested.

Jeff May – Environmental IAQ Expert

Dry Ice Blasting for Mold

The no mess, non-chemical, all natural removal method.

It is not valid or acceptable to leave any visible growth on the wood members, since mold is a natural degrader it needs to be removed regardless of which method is used to control the moisture in the crawlspace.

Elizabeth M. Witten, CMC, CMRS – Southeastern Catastrophe Manager
Microbiologist – EFI Global, Inc.

Traditional cleaning methods for mold are time consuming and tedious, not to mention ineffective for complete removal. Think of mold like a weed. If the root is not removed, the weed is not dead and will return. Pureair Systems Dry Ice Blasting penetrates to the roots, freezes it, and kills it.

No residue (Dissipates into CO2) – Chemical-free Process


Mold thrives in warm moist environments such as crawlspaces. The Southeast United States’ humidity acts as the perfect breeding grounds for molds.

Montreal’s Public Health Department has done a study that finds a quarter of the children aged 6 months to 12 years, suffer from some sort of respiratory illness caused by excessive moisture or mold in their homes.


  1. Mold Illness is Real
  2. Water Damaged Buildings Contain Complex Biologically Active Chemicals
  3. Mold Illness is Inflammation Which is Caused by a Damaged Immune System

Critical Crawlspace Information

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